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Rusutsu Resort Hot Springs

The soothing natural waters are good for nerve pain, muscle pain, joint pain, motion paralysis, bruises, fatigue, and more, perfect for those who truly love sports.

[The Westin Rusutsu Resort (previous-Rusutsu Tower) 2F] Bath House with open-air Bath

Opening Hours:

[Summer] 5:00 – 8:00 & 11:00 – 25:00
[Winter] 6:00 – 9:00 & 14:00 – 25:00

[South Wing 1F] Bath House

Opening Hours:

[Year round]
6:00 – 9:00 & 14:00 – 25:00


Hot Spring Components
Sodium / Hydrogen Carbonate Spring
Good for 

Nerve pain, muscle pain, joint pain, stiff shoulders, motion paralysis, inflexibility of joints, bruises, sprain, fatigue, chronic digestive diseases, haemorrhoids, coldness due to poor circulation, recovering period, improvement of health, chronic skin diseases, cuts and burns.
Avoid if 

Acute Illness (especially if you have a fever), Active Tuberculosis, Malignant Tumour/Cancer, Severe Cardiac Disease, Respiratory Insufficiency, Renal Insufficiency, Hemorrhagic Disease, Anaemia, Other progressive diseases and During pregnancy (especially the first and third trimester.)


  • The large bath houses are located in the South Wing and The Westin Rusutsu Resort (previous-Rusutsu Tower).
  • Day guests are required to pay 1,080yen admission fee and an additional 100yen for Hot Spring tax. Please pay at reception beforehand.
  • Day guests playing golf will only need an additional 100yen for Hot Spring tax. Please pay at reception beforehand.
  • Visitors who are under 15, or over 65 are exempt from the Hot Spring tax.


Aroma Treatment Room Averara

Aroma Treatment Room Averara is a place to relax and de-stress your body and mind. Enjoy aromatherapy that uses the premium quality products of ATHANOR from Switzerland and JANESCE from Australia. Come to experience the power of Aroma Treatment and rediscover a profound sense of well-being.

Facial Treatment

40 min 6,480yen
Standard treatment includes an advanced facial wash for deep cleansing into pores, promotes skin renewal and facial elasticity and gives immediately visible results.

Facial Decollete Treatment

80 min 11,880yen
Fight the drying effects from UV rays, and heating and cooling environments. This premium treatment begins by using light pressure massage movements on the neck which improve blood circulation, skin renewal and leaves your skin looking radiant.

Body Treatment

30 min: 5,400yen 60 min: 9,720yen 90 min: 14,040yen
ATHANOR oil is of exquisite quality which stimulates blood circulation and is effective in relieving fatigue. ATHANOR’s all natural ingredients oil is an excellent treatment to relieve excessive stress and refresh your body and soul.

Facial & Body Treatment

120 min 18,360yen
Elegant moments of an ultimate relaxation treatment offering pleasant textures and exquisite essences for body, face and mind.


  • Only for women the age of 18+
  • Reservation required (please make your reservation at Front Desk)
  • Opening Hours: 15:00 ~ 24:00 (reserve by 21:30)
  • Location: The Westin Rusutsu Resort (previous-Rusutsu Tower) 2F
  • Prices inclusive of tax. A cancellation charge is applied to cancellations on the day.

Indoor Wave Pool

This swimming pool features a 100m aqua-coaster, you will also have a great time in the wave pool. When the waves start, surf’s up!
Opening Hours: 2:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. (4:00 p.m. – 10: p.m. during 7/26-8/23)
Overnight guests may use Indoor Wave Pool free of charge. Day visitors may use it for an extra fee of 1,080 yen (all ages, tax included).

Other Facilities


Stardust Avenue

You and your loved one will be fascinated by the colourful display of changing projection lights and the illumination area that spreads across the front of the Swiss exterior of North & South Wings. Cricket Pub is a great viewing area where you can have a drink and take in the charming mood and atmosphere.

Musical Fountains

Here you can enjoy a fantastic show of fountains imported from Florida, America. During this stunning display water whirls to music and colours sparkle in rhythmical movement.


A two-storey carousel open all year-round near the hotel main entrance.

Game World

Game World is located on th
e ground floor of North Wing Hotel.

4-D Theater

A system creates an interactive movie experience with 4-dimensional digital effects.
Location: Within Game World, ground floor of North Wing Hotel. (520 yen/Adult, 310 yen/Child)

Gun shooting game “Desperados”

You’re the sheriff trying to capture the gang, one desperado at a time.
Location: Within Game World, ground floor of North Wing Hotel. (310 yen/Adult, 210 yen/Child)

Reading Room

Although Rusutsu Resort itself lies in the midst of peaceful nature, the reading room provides even more tranquillity. It is a perfect place for reading that book you haven’t finished or just come to sit down and relax.

Relaxation Massage

Have your aches and pains massaged away; become refreshed with our massage therapy service. Inquire at reception for bookings.


When you don’t know what to do with some unexpected spare time or you have just the right number of people for mahjong, do come along for a game.

Self Service Laundry (Coin Laundry)

A washing machine always comes in handy whether your stay is long or short. Feel free to use it even for small amounts of washing.

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