Selected Hokkaido Produce
Rusutsu village and the nearby area at the base of Mt. Yotei provide fresh Hokkaido produce and delicious dairy products. Take time to savour the flavours of fresh local ingredients and seasonal produce gathered from all over Hokkaido and found in Rusutsu cuisine.
Enjoy these mouth-watering foods that are carefully prepared with the exquisite techniques of our chefs.
Rusutsu’s Grand Chef Mr. Seiji Nosaka, is a member of the renowned Les Amis d’Escoffier Society


Healthy Food

The chefs at Rusutsu take great care in preparing every dish with the freshest and best tasting ingredients to bring you delicious and healthy food. At our Belle Vue and Kazahana restaurants the chefs have created a special dinner menu designed to turn back your body clock and give you all the essential nutrients you need to restore your youthful energy, we call it the Anti-aging menu.

The Anti-aging menu is a selection of dishes tailored to provide you with a delicious meal that is high in beneficial vitamins and minerals. The set menus offer a selection of dishes to try, savour the flavours of France at Belle Vue or experience the finest in modern Japanese style cuisine at Kazahana. All the dishes are low in calories and are an essential part of a healthy and balanced diet. Combined with a healthy and active lifestyle, the Anti-aging menu is part of Rusutsu Resort’s devotion to good living.


Vegetables fresh from the farm

Rusutsu gets its vegetables from local farms near the base of Mt. Yotei where clear and pure mineral water runs under the ground.
Let us introduce some of these fresh vegetables from local Maruoka Farm commonly used at Rusutsu. There are many different kinds of potatoes harvested from here; they are a speciality of the Rusutsu area. There are also Chinese yams that are left under the snow in the fields during winter to ripen. When spring comes they are dug up, prepared and pickled.
July and August see the best season for lettuce, which we procure in a quantities as large as 20,000. Thanks to Rusutsu’s cool weather, there are not too many harmful insects. We can therefore allow these healthy vegetables to grow naturally with the use of far less farm chemicals.
In fall, pumpkins are harvested and cooked to be used in all sorts of dishes, especially in gnocchi, served with house-made Italian sauce.
Last but not least is the healthy vegetable that has recently become famous for its richness in polyphenol, the Yacon. Yacon is very versatile and can be used in breads, pickles, salads and even in desserts. This almighty vegetable maybe the first thing you will try at Rusutsu; the welcome drink served in the lobby is actually yacon tea, brewed from yacon leaves and stems to help you relax after your journey.

Our specialty “Rusutsu Kogen Pork”

Did you know that the key to the good taste of pork is the fat? The producers at Nishihara Farm, from Rusutsu, know this and take extra care of the pigs with that in mind and then some. This is what makes the meat so juicy and special, which is why this meat is revered and showcased at department stores as the ultimate product.

Free-Range Chicken

The free-range eggs from Miyanaga Ai Farm, in Kyogoku, are safe and wholesome eggs that have passed official inspections on salmonella and other bacteria.

Fresh and clean Fruits

When driving around Hokkaido, you may see the sign “tourism orchard”. This mark is given only to orchards that have cleared pesticide residue checks. We only use fruits made from these orchards and it is the natural goodness of these fruits that makes our jellies so tasty. Hotel made jellies come in delicious flavours such as grape, apple, prune and tomato.
Fruits from Takashina Orchard, Sobetsu:
May – June; Strawberry
June – July; Cherry
September – October; Pear, plum and prune and various grapes and apples
From Otsuka Orchard, Niki:
June – July; Cherry
July – October; “Aiko” fruit tomato
September – October; Plum and prune

Rice brand “Oborotsuki”

Rice farmers of Kitahiyama and Setana have planted a new type of rice, Oborotsuki. Oborotsuki has a distinctive taste that no other Hokkaido rice has. The secret behind the difference is the lower amount of amylose that makes this rice more sticky and tasty.

100% hand-made Miso

A group of soy bean specialists from the town of Furen make this specialty miso (soybean paste), spending one full year to mature a single batch. We use it for all our miso soup in breakfast and fast food menus.

Seafood straight from the seas around Hokkaido

Rusutsu Resort gathers seasonal seafood from all over Hokkaido. Our chefs use their expert knowledge to bring out the delicate tastes and create magnificent dishes. Enjoy the gifts from the northern Japan sea and Pacific Ocean.
From Koyo Suisan, Nemuro
Available year-round, Live king crab and horsehair crab.
Choose your crab from the tank and have it cooked as you like.
From Shirato Shoten, Hamanaka
Year-round Kombu seaweed for soup stock
April; Wild garlic to be used in pickles and other dishes
May – June; King salmon and Summer salmon each weighing more than 10kg
June – July; Water shield from Kiritappu marshland
September – October; Pacific Saury
Winter; Lightly dried fishes; Atka mackerel, herring, saffron cod and more
From a group of fishers at Rebunka, Toyoura
The beach of Rebunka has a steep drop making it largely inaccessible to fishing, this allows the fish that inhabit the area to grow fatter and juicier than normal. Seasonal specials, such as lightly dried Sohachi flatfish and octopus, are a pure delight for seafood lovers.
From Fishery Union of Akan
May – September; the mysterious Lake Akan is known for cold water temperatures but it is also very clean and nutritious, filled with minerals that make the inhabitants a little richer in taste. We have Kokanee salmon, pond smelt, and Uchida lobster delivered directly from the waters.
From Furubira
May – September; Our house-made “Mentaiko”, chilli-seasoned cod roe, is made from Alaska Pollack harvested off the shore of Furubira and is a popular dish.

White birch sap

We do a lot of testing before we use birch sap as an ingredient in food or drinks to ensure it is of a high quality and has the right taste.
White birch is considered to be symbolic of Hokkaido. Birch sap has been used in Europe and Russia as a kind of folk remedy for some time. It has been used in tea and other beverages for well being.
The Ainu have also been using birch sap since ancient times.
Birch sap is said to ease constipation, diuretic, gastrointestinal troubles, gout and also help to reduce the levels of active oxygen.
We use birch sap as an ingredient in our French style bread. With the addition of glutamic acid, the bread is given a mild and sweet flavour.

Our concept for all of Rusutsu’s cuisine is to use only the freshest local ingredients to ensure the best quality for our customers.


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