Winter Experiences

Winter Experiences

Dog Sledding

In dog sledding, people and dogs work as a team as they sled through the snow. In the past, the Inuit, indigenous peoples inhabiting the Arctic regions, used dog sledding as a means of transportation and has also been used by adventurers on polar expeditions. Dog sledding has become so popular that it is expected to become an official event in the Winter Olympics in the near future. Sledding through the snowfields is exhilarating, and provides you with a different sensation from that of skiing or snowboarding. Dog sledding is also safe for young children who are always accompanied by instructors. Rusutsu’s special dog sledding course ensures unimpeded views of the surrounding landscape. After receiving a lesson in dog-sled operation, you can handle the dog-sled just like a Musher (operator) in a race. We look forward to welcoming your family to the world of dog sledding.

From mid-Dec to late Mar
15-20 mins. (incl. lecture)
9:30 – 15:00
Snow Activity Land
Every Wednesday
Ages 3 and up 3,780yen
(Children under 3, free with an adult)
Language Support

Program may be delayed or cancelled due to weather, health of dogs or other conditions.
Reservation required.

Ice Fishing

Enjoy fishing rainbow trout, here in Hokkaido. For Winter 2015-16 (limited period), Rusutsu Resort offers the exciting activity of ice fishing. In this fun winter activity, guests will visit a local frozen pond where friendly staffs will help dig a hole in the ice to fish for large rainbow trout. Why not try this unique winter experience when visiting Hokkaido.

From early Jan to mid-Mar, 2017
3 hours
(1) 09:00~12:00 or (2) 13:00~16:00
Pond 25 mins by car from Rusutsu Resort
No. of Participants
2 ~ 10 people
Adult 12,500 yen Child (Ages 7-12) 8,750 yen
Language Support

Program may be delayed or cancelled due to weather and other conditions.
Reservation by 17:00 a day before required.
Please dress warmly (ski wear, gloves and hats).
Catch-and-release required. Fishing equipment provided, including a hot drink (in break time) and transportation between the pond and the resort.
Host association is BIG FIGHT MATSUMOTO.

Air Board

Try Air Boarding for an exciting experience that puts you on a specially designed inflatable board as you rush down the course.
Channels on the base of the board allow you to turn on the snow and sliding along at ground level gives you an exhilarating high speed sensation.
From early-Jan to late-Mar
2 – 2.5 hours
(1) 9:30 ~ 12:00  (2) 13:30 ~ 16:00
East Mt. Vivaldi Course
2 or more
Adult 5,400yen (ages 13+)
Language Support
Japanese, some English

Minimum age 13years old.
Rental boot included.
An additional lift ticket (650 yen) is required if participants do not have a lift pass.
Tours may be cancelled due to the weather or other conditions.
Reservation required by 17:00 the day before.

For Reservations

Some activity programs have scheduled holidays. Please confirm the details listed with us to ensure the activity you want is available during your stay.
For additional schedule information or participation in upcoming events, please inquire directly at the Rusutsu Resort Activity Desk.

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